“Google’s Educational Empowerment Initiative: Transforming Learning in Pakistan’s Capital”

Google, in collaboration with local partner Tech Valley, is launching an ambitious initiative to establish 50 smart schools in Pakistan’s capital city. These schools will be equipped with cutting-edge technology, including 30,000 Google for Education IDs featuring AI-powered features to enhance collaboration and productivity.

Furthermore, discussions during a meeting with the Secretary of the Ministry of Federal Education and Professional Training extended to various upcoming initiatives, such as teacher workshops, the establishment of a public Google Reference School, and the training of 2,000 youths in job-ready skills through Google Career Certificates.

Google is dedicated to empowering women, with initiatives such as the Google Career Certificates program, which allocates at least 50% of scholarships exclusively for women. This effort aims to increase women’s access to economic opportunities and has awarded thousands of scholarships.

Additionally, through the Google News Initiative (GNI), young journalists, particularly women, are being trained to address the accessibility of newsrooms and gain reporting experience, furthering the goal of equality and empowerment.

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