As the yen falls on the dovish BOJ, the dollar reaches a 20-year high and the euro a 5-year low

The dollar rose to a 20-year high against its peers on Thursday as the Bank of Japan maintained its dovish stance, sending the yen to its lowest level since 2002 and the euro to a five-year low amid concerns about the region’s economic growth.

The dollar soared beyond 130 yen as the Bank of Japan reaffirmed its commitment to maintaining ultra-low interest rates by promising to buy an infinite number of bonds everyday to meet its yield target.
Given the pressure mounting throughout foreign exchange markets, there had been considerable market speculation that the BOJ might take a step back.

After reaching a high of 103.93, the dollar index was last seen at 103.73, up 0.74 percent for the day.

After data showed that the US economy unexpectedly fell in the first quarter due to a resurgence in COVID-19 cases, the greenback lost ground.

Rai, on the other hand, claimed that the data did not necessarily show a sluggish economy, but that it was skewed by a much higher trade deficit caused by rising imports.

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