Bajaj Auto’s April sales fell 20% to 310,774 units, with domestic sales down 24%.

Bajaj Auto Ltd reported a 20% drop in overall sales in April to 3,10,774 units on Monday.

Bajaj Auto said in a statement that it sold 3,88,016 vehicles in the same month last year.

It stated that total domestic sales in April 2021 were 1,02,177 units, down 24% from 1,34,471 units in April 2021.
Last month’s exports were also down 18%, at 2,08,597 units, compared to 2,53,545 units a year ago.
Domestic two-wheeler sales were 93,233 units, down 26% from 1,26,570 units in the same month previous year, according to the business.

It said that the company’s two-wheeler shipments were down 15% to 1,88,478 units in April 2021, compared to 2,21,603 units in April 2021.

Commercial vehicle sales in the domestic market, on the other hand, increased by 13% to 8,944 units from 7,901 units in the same month last year, according to Bajaj Auto.

However, commercial vehicle exports fell 37% to 20,119 units in April 2021, compared to 31,942 units in April 2021, according to the business.

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